April 25, 2019
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Zhombe villagers live in fear of militiaman named Hwami

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VILLAGERS in the Sidakeni and Empress area in Zhombe, Midlands Province, are living in fear of a well-known militiaman identified as Hwami who is said to kill at the slightest provocation.

Villagers report that Hwami often boasts that money protects perpetrators of violence.

“He moves around threatening people and telling us that the distance between a murderer’s freedom and jail is only a thousand American dollars. He says that money is enough to ensure no action is taken against him and others,” said one source, a man in his 40s who claimed he was a former gangster.

Victims of the armed violence often seek help from hospitals without the required requests for police report that are supposed to be issued by the police who refuse to issue the documents so as to avoid opening dockets, a senior nurse at Kwekwe Central Hospital said.


“A person with a gushing wound can just come here and say I was hit by machetes but the police will refuse to take my report or issue me with a police report for treatment. We end up just treating the people to save lives,” she said.

Another nurse revealed that they get threats for treating machete violence patients from the perpetrators.

Authorities at the hospital referred questions to the Midlands provincial medical director, Solomon Nyamutumbu, who however, said he was not aware of the threats or the claims that patients were being attended to without the mandatory requests for treatment.


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