March 25, 2019

Linda Masarira graces Owen Mthobi Moyo’s non-fiction book launch

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HUMAN rights defender and politician Linda T Masarira was the guest of honour at the launch of 22-year old Owen Mthobi Moyo’s book on Saturday in Bulawayo.

The book, titled “The Power Anger Over Joy {In The Valley Of Dual Identities}” is a philosophical and sociological masterpiece dedicated to Ingrid and siblings, Ingrid being the author’s future girl child.

According to the author, it is with this reason that Linda Masarira was invited as the guest of honour so as to empower and inspire women who attended the launch.

Owen Mthobi Moyo said: “I invited Linda T Masarira to be the guest of honour because she stands out and does what many men cannot do in Zimbabwe.”

On his choice of such a controversial guest of honour he responded by saying: “Where there is controversy, there is wisdom.”

The book launch occasion took place on the 16th of February at Mimosa house 1st floor with Dj Babongile Skhonjwa as the Master of ceremony.

A profound presentation of an illusion of power which originates from a public post and an individualistic one that originates from within to without was laid bare to the crowd.

The statement “The years we spent in these social trenches have created life lieutenants in us” accompanied the author’s autograph.

Linda T Masarira with Owen Mthobi Ncube at the book launch

According to the book’s synopsis, The Power Anger Over Joy {In The Valley Of Dual Identities} is a book that tackles how the world has understood power and points out how we perceive power as an influence, hence breaking down as to how these perceptions became reality to the world.

The book suggests a form of power that is individualistic strength coming from within manifesting itself to the external world, also the book seeks to engineer the society to adapt to the concept of internalities affecting the externalities and not to the normal occurrences of the external conditions determining the pace of almost everything up to the extent of personal or rather individualistic development.

How the externalities got to have so much hold in the world at large is demonstrated in the chapters that elaborate the sources of influence in society which needs to be satisfied and the societal apparatus chapters that point out the tool in society that condition a people that live a coordinated life hence creating the bee hive mentality demonstrated in the segment of arrows and paradigms.


The achievement of power which is being the creature one originally is comes through the formula termed ÔÇťAnger Over Joy” which are not emotions or feelings but parallel attitudes of life, anger being the attitude of truth telling against elements that are anti-shell self but the Joy attitude of life can inspire one to sacrifice and trade with their identities so as to keep everyone in a happy mood.

In the valley of dual identities is a metaphorical representation of a state many are in with their identity as most are often caught in-between the societal self that will propel them to fit to society and the shell self that will seek will seek re-define societal dimensions hence risking standing out.

Moyo’s book was published by Billionaire Publishers with the firm’s CEO Marshall Chiza putting in his skills in the editing field.

It is available for sale on Amazon, or readers can also order via The Power, Anger Over Joy Facebook page.

Owen Mthobi Moyo is a poet and a non fiction author who believes that knowledge is everywhere and that it lies only with our ability to deduct it from everywhere it is.

Born on 18 March 1996 at Mpilo Hospital in Bulawayo, Moyo grew up in Tsholotsho, Egcwala Village, and attended his primary education at Mtshede primary school 2002 to 2008.

Thereafter, he proceeded to Mpopoma High School from 2009 to 2014 where he became the CEO of Lead us Today Mpopoma High School club.

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Owen Mthobi Moyo says he is working a second book tittled “The Father Deficiency”. —- ZOOMZimbabwe


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