March 25, 2019
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Stanley: The humble Midlands boy with high dreams and 24 A’-Level points

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THE young man in the picture looks like any other ordinary young Zimbabwean boy with high dreams. But this particular one, Stanley Hadebe, has both high dreams and high A’-Level points to match the high dreams.

Zooming Into Zhombe had a chat with Stanley who hauled in 24 points from 5 A’-Level subjects: Pure Maths (A), Statistics (A), Chemistry (A), Computer Science (A) and Physics (B), all in the ZIMSEC November 2018 examinations.

Well, this is a feat many Zimbabwean kids can only dream of.

Having scored those high points, Stanley certainly has his future safely and firmly in his hands.

Stanley is the first child to Mr Tawanda Hadebe and Mrs Alice Hadebe nee Munodawafa.

Both parents are teachers by profession, with Mr Hadebe teaching in South Africa and Mrs Hadebe teaching in Masvingo town.

“I am just an ordinary rural Midlands boy who refused to be defeated by an examination,” Stanley said with the humility that fills up a bucket.

“I was raised in a Christian family; we attend the AFM church,” Stanley told Zooming Into Zhombe.

His district of origin is Zvishavane but the family stays in Masvingo.

“I want to study aeronautical engineering,” Stan says. He might have to look abroad for that degree programme, but which university under the Sun would turn down Stanley’s application? None.


And what can stand between a young kid with 24 A’-Level points and his or her dreams? Absolutely nothing.

Young Stanley Hadebe was at Pamushana High School in Bikita.

Johnson Madhuku, former Pamushana Headmaster who left the job to be an MP for Bikita East (ZANU-PF) in September shortly before the examinations was elated.

Said Madhuku: “Naturally, I’m more than happy. I managed to leave a legacy, not only in academics but even in sport. No other school has achieved that.

“It is the legacy we left with my teaching staff, they were very supportive. I am short of words to appreciate their effort.”

Madhuku added: “For this to be achieved, the teachers went an extra mile. Even the parents, they were very supportive, even in cases of discipline.”

According to results released by the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) last week, 134 students at Pamushana High sat for A’-Level examinations in November 2018. Of these, 71 had 15 points and above.

This is a record that might stand out unmatched for decades to come.

To Stanley Hadebe and your other 70 whiz-kids at Pamushana High School, we wish you all the best in your endeavors and hope that your achievements spur others to do well. —- Source: Zooming Into Zhombe


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