March 25, 2019

BREAKING: Nelson Chamisa blocked from Tuku’s Madziva home by police

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OPPOSITION MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has been blocked by officers from the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) from entering the Oliver Mtukudzi homestead in Madziva, some few hours behore the burial of national hero Mtukudzi.

Mourners actually had to vandalize the gate in protest over the police and army’s refusal to allow Nelson Chamisa entry into Tuku’s homestead in Madziva.

“Whilst the defence minister Oppah Muchinguri was on stage talking about how Tuku was a unifier, her police and military were again stopping Nelson Chamisa from getting into Tuku’s homestead in Madziwa. It was an embarrassing spectacle in front of the South African ambassador,” seasoned journalist Hopewell Chin’ono, who is at the funeral, has said.

‪He added: “Mourners had to kick the Gate down in revulsion of what the security services were doing! Embarrassing for Government and the President. For goodness sake it is a funeral, how does a government stop a citizen from paying his last respects?”

This latest incident comes on the back of reports that Chamisa was yesterday also barred by state security agents from accessing the National Sports Stadium venue where a funeral service for Mtukudzi was being held.

Chin’ono said: “This is really dragging us backwards as a country, does recognizing Tuku as a national hero equal to deciding who pays their last respects using a political standard?

“This is really damaging this government and the President because today it happened in front of a bunch of ambassadors.

“On this very beautiful Sunday, on this great day when our country buried its lyrical genius and veteran music icon, 

“I pray for a day when the army chaplain doesn’t call fellow compatriots cowards for choosing to leave Zimbabwe and staying abroad.”

Chin’ono also called upon Provincial Adminstrators not to be partisan when doing government work.

“I pray that all citizens will reject divisive doctrines and that we refuse to be pitted against each other by people with narrow and parochial political agendas and interests! I pray that we reject the politicization of funerals especially those of unifiers like the people’s hero, Oliver Mtukudzi.”


He further said that Mtukudzi was a unifier whose songs and lyrics touched on many Zimbabweans irrespective of race, creed or political interests.

“Let us learn from Oliver Mtukudzi, he sang at Morgan Tsvangirai’s wedding and funeral and also sang at ZANUPF gatherings.

“When I asked him about it in October, he said that the songs he chose to sing at these gatherings told their own story.

“His songs and their lyrics were never divisive, they were constructive and they carried a lot of lessons for us to learn from.”

Chin’ono however applauded the government for according Mtukudzi the national hero status. He worried that the good gesture was being spoiled by unnecessary incidents such as the blocking of Chamisa from accessing the funeral venues.

“I applaud the government for honoring this great man for his self evident success and teachings.

“Such dignified honors should not be spoiled by reckless and partisan statements because they end up becoming the story instead of respecting our government for doing the right thing!”

Oliver Mtukudzi’s burial is today at 2.00pm.

The legendary music icon passed away on Wednesday after a battle with diabetes. —


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