March 25, 2019

Think big, in order to do big things

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This moment of your life is a great and a unique one. There has never been a time like this one and there has never been a person like you.

Welcome this moment for all it contains, seize and maximise it. Whatever you are going through cannot be compared to what you are going to and the potential you carry within you.

Fortunately, a great future does not require a great past. This is liberating because you do not need to be tied to your limited past. You have a history, but you are not history, unless you stop trying, dreaming and working. You can change, build, learn or grow.

The future is larger than everything that you have known in the past. Look up and not down. Be excited about possibilities and do not extinguish your personal flame of passion. Think big, in order to do big things. Think possibilities in order to push forward, blaze new paths and make your life worth something.

Do not despair or give up because of the heavy clouds of negativity around you. Think no small thoughts because this is a big world and the limitations you accept become your reality. Do not be discouraged by the day of small things because everything has the potential to grow.

Scale your ambitions and look up to the possibilities ahead. How you think determines what you do. You do not have the luxury to think like a mouse when you want to play with the big five.

There is no problem that lasts forever so long as it is attacked by focused thought and persistent faith-filled action. Think possibilities and you will see an ever increasing light in your path. Think any other way, and you dim the light in your path.


When two people meet, there is a chemical reaction that takes place, particularly if there is something that they share in common. Associate yourself then with people who inspire and you will be inspired. Dream with those who dream big, and your dreams with have colour and scale. You will dream bigger. Think with other thinkers and you will have fresh ideas and unprecedented mental intensity. Thought is too precious to waste.

For mathematicians, there is always a chemical and mathematical reaction that takes place when they meet those who share their passion, understand their numbered world and see related mental models, and thoughts with form, movement and structure.

Nothing in life can surpass the beauty, depth and utility of Mathematics. When you connect with like thinkers, the forces of multiplication and synergy kick in.

So it was like that in the early 1980s, two brilliant Zimbabwean Mathematicians met at the University of Zimbabwe. They became friends, they sparred mentally and their quick and deep minds fertilised great ideas and inspiring thoughts and possibilities with Mathematics as the engine. They naturally became brothers for life.

On February 18, 2011, one of them sadly passed on. His surviving friend, a professor of Mathematics, Heneri Dzinotyiweyi, was the best qualified to write an obituary in honour of his colleague. He obliged and wrote a riveting ode to his friend in the NewsDay of March 9, 2011. The obituary shed some beautiful light on the life story of a great and talented mathematician, Dr Josephat Martin Havey. This inspired me to write this instalment.

– Milton Kamwendo


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