March 25, 2019
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From rural to urban and back again

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We asked folks in Zhombe to send us stories about their socio-economic circumstances as an opener into how some of them are getting by in Zhombe. This is one of the several stories we publish today. Make sure to check some of the stories on this website. What advice do you offer to PM?

My name is PM and I was born in 1985 in Zhombe Joel before we moved into a farm in just outside Kwekwe in 2002. We then got pushed out of the farm by a politician in 2011 and relocated near Sidakeni in Zhombe.

I am the second born out of six children.

I went to Zesa Munyati Secondary School up to form 4, but I failed to get all the needed ‘O’ levels, and my parents, could not manage to raise funds for retakes. I then left home for Harare to look for a job. Sometimes I got a job just for a short time but most of the time I was not employed.

Sometimes I get a job welding, next I can work on construction and so on. I have no fixed job, and I am always looking. Jobs are so scarce. Life after school is so painful if you are in a big city like Harare where industries are not functioning. I always think of getting back to school, but there is a challenge of school fees.


I am thinking of coming home to till the land, but again without irrigation, farming is not all that attractive. Mid-season droughts are common in Sidakeni and we do not have a piece of land in the Ngondoma Irrigation. Without irrigation I am not interested in farming.

What advice do you give me? Thank you to those who will assisst.


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